Entrepreneur Coaching

Tired of dreaming of traveling the world, but unsure how you'll ever afford it?

We have the business blueprint you've been looking for, and we're ready to spill the beans. Stop dreaming, and start doing with our step-by-step formula for launching a money-making business.

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The HTH Shop

Check out the Hippie Travel Hub shop, your new go-to shop for all your hippie traveler needs. 

Whether your planning a backpacking trip around the world, or planning the perfect hippie outfits to wear along the way - we've got you covered.

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Resource Hub

Sick of your to-do list? Feel like every time you turn around there's another pile of things to do?

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, and stop the cycle of overwhelm & burnout. Instead, check out our FREE resource hub! Not full of crappy freebies, but actually full of resources I use in my own business. 

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Web Design

Whether you're looking to build the perfect representation of your brand online or you're in need of a little SEO/maintenance when it comes to web design we've got you covered.

Beautiful design, intuitive UI, & SEO are our primary focus for every website we work on - and it shows.


Small Business Coaching

Tired of dreaming of traveling the world, but unsure how you'll ever afford it?

We have the business blueprint you've been looking for, and we're ready to spill the beans. Stop dreaming, and start doing with our 1-1 step-by-step program for building a money-making business.

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Virtual Assistance

So you started the business of your dreams - and then quickly discovered how much BLAH there is behind the scenes. 

Put all your energy into your zone of genius, and hire a nerd like me to take care of all the tech on the backend.

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Checkout our Free  beginner guide to SEO

Overwhelmed by the thought of SEO? Putting it off because it sounds intimidating? You're not alone. I made this guide for SEO beginners just like you, so you can get started with ease & clarity. 

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Upcoming Courses

Develop A Data-Driven Business Plan (Mini)

How long until I start seeing income? How do I scale? What should I prioritize?

These questions? They're all tell-tale signs that you are in dire need of a plan.

Stop wasting your time on 10 thousand tasks and ideas! Figure out how, when, and what, you need to do to make the most of your time and start seeing results in your business.

We'll teach you how to use proven processes and data to create a long-term timeline for success.

Say goodbye to playing it by ear, and start taking your business seriously.

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The Entrepreneur Freedom Formula

So you want to start a business.

But every time you even think about getting started your bombarded with an overwhelming amount of choices and "to-do's".

How will you monetize? What's your strategy? What do you need to do before launch?

With our guided entrepreneurship course, we'll steer you through the rough waters and layout your options clear and simple - so you don't have to waste time reinventing the wheel.

Entrepreneurship shouldn't be hard, and with this step-by-step blueprint, it isn't.


Create A Strategy-Based Monthly Routine (Mini)

How much time do you waste on "what do I need to do today?".

When starting a business, the list of things to do can feel endless and once all the setup is finally done you STILL have to figure out how to "run" the dang thing.

You know that there are lots of things you need to do every month - but what are they?

Turn your unique business into a well-oiled machine. Set your process on autopilot, so you can spend less time on repetitive busy-work and more time planning your strategy for growth.


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- success is inevitable.

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