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Our Mission

It's our mission to make entrepreneurship simple & accessible to everyone. We aim to change the future of business by spreading a culture of generosity, collaboration, inclusivity, & optimism to every business we touch. Let's revolutionize the way business is done, together. 

You're In The Right Place If You're...

  • Wondering how to build a business that will allow you to have location and financial freedom.
  • An open-minded, adventurous, & creative entrepreneur who's ready to take control of your future.
  • Someone who's inspired and excited by the idea of continuous learning and growth.
  • Looking for a supportive community to connect & grow with that educates and inspires you.
  • Interested in building a business that not only fills your wallet, but nourishes your soul.
  • Tired of the status quo, and ready to be the change the world needs & create success on your own terms.

Founder's Story


Cassidy was born in sunny San Diego, but was raised in the small town of Bemidji MN. At the age of 18 she moved back to San Diego - for the sunshine of course! 

While working as a waitress she discovered her love for travel, and saved up every penny until she was taking 4 "vacations" a year to see more of the world. She decided to start a travel blog to fund her ventures - and that's when her entrepreneurship journey was born. 

As an entrepreneur, Cassidy began with blogging, found a passion for web design and SEO, became a freelancer, launched a drop shipping site, and now spends her days learning about marketing (for the game of it), creating valuable content, and sharing her adventures!

She loves to help other business owners grow & thrive, in any way - and hopes to inspire a revolution of freedom-seekers, givers, and creators to build a world where we all can truly live a life of our own design. 

Who We Work With

No matter your size or industry, we can help

In our time getting to know and support entrepreneurs, coaches, dreamers, freelancers, and digital nomads across the globe we've learned that while you and your business are unique, your problems are not.

Our strategies and solutions help you take back your time, so you can run a business that frees you instead of consumes you.

Every single thing we do,

is driven by our values.


Because freedom, curiosity, & integrity mean nothing without love. Love is community, understanding, friendship, respect, purpose. Love is the true north that allows us to connect and value differences.


We believe in freedom for all in all forms. The freedom to discover, grow, try, fail, think, create, change - freedom from anxiety, fear, hate, expectations, constraints. Our goal is to set the WORLD fucking free. 


Without Integrity, what's the point? Integrity is is being true to yourself, true to your values, & authentic AF.  We believe everything should be done with integrity. Integrity is the only path to your highest self.


Curiosity is the seed of growth, courage, creativity, & adventure. It inspires us to question the world around us & to dream bigger dreams. We try to bring the spirit of curiosity & wonder into every day. 


Growth is what drives us to strive to be better, to re-think assumptions, to brave change &  break past barriers. What the world needs more than anything is for everyone to take the time to grow.


We aim to do everything we do with boldness, confidence, and courage. We aren't afraid to stand up for what we believe, and we hope to inspire others to take chances, even when in doubt.

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